In Astropocalypse you take control of a hotshot meteor bent on destroying the galaxy.

Use your directional pad to steer your meteor buddy and ram it into nearby planets in the current solar system.

Press the Z button to boost forward quicker at the expense of using more energy.

Each destroyed planet gives you back energy useful to prolong your path of destruction.

Use your radar to track planet orbits, but also pay attention to the red curves in the arena, follow them to find orbiting planets.

Additionally, ram into the sun at the center of the solar-system to gain back energy and keep wrecking those helpless planets.

Once all planets are destroyed, it's time to go for the finishing blow... destroy the sun!

Pay close attention to your energy levels at all times, once it's depleted it's... GAME OVER MAN!

This game was made for the AGBIC JAM 2021 and was inspired by an awesome famicase created by @SkinnyShips.

Note: There's still quite a few features and tunings I want to do with this game.  Stay tuned.



  • added music and more sound effects.
  • reduced the amount of energy received by bouncing on the sun.
  • more planet colors.
  • added an audio alarm when energy is less than 15.
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(16 total ratings)
Made withPICO-8
TagsArcade, Destruction, PICO-8, Space


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is this just a demo? when will the game be finished?

Really good demo, i would like to see how it's gonna be when it's done.

Made a video

really satisfying!!


so satisfying...


Pretty neat and satisfying game :)

Destroyed the sun in 10 minutes, which I'm not really proud of, but hey

I did it I guess


It's a shame it lack music otherwise it's pretty neat :)

music is coming soon  :)



Dang this is actually fun


Oh god! Love the aesthetics and sounds!