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dude this game is awesome :D a platinum medal of coolness and awasomeness because i the coolest dude B)


I was able to get stuck on top of one of the block guys just as he started to move under a platform.

I can't get any keys to work except LEFT. :(

I'm on Win10 and I've tried both Firefox and Edge.  Not sure what I'm doing wrong.

I just tried both FireFox and Edge (also on Win10) and it works.  Make sure you click on the game screen with your mouse to give it focus.


I did that.  I also made it full-screen.  Neither made it work.  I guess it must be something to with my PC setup. :(

Really nice idea for a game tho - and the graphics are really cute!

That's no good... you could also try it on a phone or tablet.  Not ideal but it should work with virtual controls.


It worked perfectly on my mobile!  Thanks for your help!

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It looks great! I love the mechanic. Well done! ^^